Tuesday September 26, 2017
Come Monday - Richard Bowen
Tuesday October 3, 2017
Blue Angels Over Fort Pickens
Tuesday October 10, 2017
Drive Through Fort Pickens

Schedule Could Change Due To Editing Needs

Music Video Submission Policy

Friday September 29, 2017
The Uncharted Zone: Re-Mix
Friday October 6, 2017
The Uncharted Zone: Getaways
Friday October 13, 2017
The Uncharted Zone: The Sun
Friday October 20, 2017
The Uncharted Zone: Crossfire
Friday October 27, 2017
The Uncharted Zone: The Beaten
Friday November 3, 2017
The Uncharted Zone: Monday

Music Video Production

Video Projects In Progress

Here's What's On My Plate

Crazyville - Ricky Whitley (Music Video Project)
Tell Annette - Phil Thomas Katt (Music Video Project)
Dirty Little Lover - Dennis Key (Music Video Project)
I Got To Get Paid - Ricky Whitley (Music Video Project)
I'll Never Play Dice No More - Ricky Whitley (Music Video Project)
Dizzy - Phil Thomas Katt (Music Video Project)
Brwn Brwn Brwn - Ricky Whitley (Music Video Project)
Dennis Key (Archiving Project)
Lover Girl - Phil Thomas Katt (Music Video Project)
What Went Wrong - Phil Thomas Katt (Music Video Project)
Your Best Friend - Phil Thomas Katt (Music Video Project)
Billy Cox Classic UZ Interview
Mike Roycroft (Music Video Project)

Music Videos & Projects Phil Thomas Katt is currently in Production with, in the order they will likely be released.

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