The UZ Initiative

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The UZ Initiative is to preserve the aging UZ Archive. With 1000's of hours of Video Tape to Digitize, this is a huge undertaking that is necessary RIGHT NOW before the tapes become un-viewable. After about 15 years, video tapes Begin to show damage caused by the elements such as the magnetic field of the earth, humidity and many more. Our Goal is to Digitize the entire UZ Archive. Because of the expense and time it will take to get this accomplished we are looking for Sponsors to help us get this done.

Please Help, Before It's To Late...

Sponsor with $10 per song

Although we prefer to proceed from oldest to newest with this project we will allow you to sponsor a specific artist if you like

to sponsor a specific artist

  • We will send you a List of the songs and artists that your sponsorship helped us archive.
  • We will produce Special Reports following the progress of the project.
  • If you like we will show your business Logo or your name as the sponsor for Digitizing the footage.

Great Offer For Unsigned and Signed Artist


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