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Curious CD

A Music CD From Gulf Coast Singer/Songwriter Phil Thomas Katt

Production on this CD began almost immediately following the success of "Nine Lives" and took almost as long to record all the tracks. The Album follows Curious adventures from the years after the Kattline boom till the days of the # 1 radio shows. My overnight request show known as RADIO JUKEBOX became the highest rated overnight show in the history of Gulf Coast FM Radio so I Recorded one last song, "Love Kills" and released it as a single. Thanks to the huge amount of airplay it received The "Curious" Album was propelled to local hit status.

Including These Original Songs:

Strange Stuff
Make My Body React
I've Never Been Alive
Touch Me
Good- Bye Darling
Those Nites
Soviet Lady
Love Letter
Lover Girl
OD-ing On Your Love
Love Kills

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Curious CD

99 mp3 Downloads from "Curious"

Soul Phil Thomas Katt
Strange Stuff Phil Thomas Katt
Make My Body React Phil Thomas Katt
I've Never Been Alive Phil Thomas Katt
Touch Me Phil Thomas Katt
Good-Bye Darling Phil Thomas Katt
Those Nites Phil Thomas Katt
Soviet Lady Phil Thomas Katt
Love Letter Phil Thomas Katt
Letters Phil Thomas Katt
Lover Girl Phil Thomas Katt
OD-ing On Your Love Phil Thomas Katt
Love Kills Phil Thomas Katt

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