Music Video Submission Policy


You may submit a Music Video to UZTV for review and possible airplay.

For best consideration your submission should meet the following criteria:

  • No More Than 3 songs per submission.
  • No tripod shots with the camera in one position for entire song.
  • Music Video should be entertaining with edits and/or lots of camera movement.
  • No Music Video should contain any violation of community standards.
  • No Audio Distortion, No Bad Lighting, and No 2nd or 3rd Generation Analog Copies.

We only accept Music Videos on DVD or files sent through

Music Video Submission's Must Accompany A Signed Release Form Available At The Link Below When They Are Submitted.

For more information call: (850) 453-KATT or e-mail:

If You Would Like To Appear On The Uncharted Zone But You Don't Have A Music Video Produced, Click Below:

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