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The Uncharted Zone began on KattLine Phil Thomas Katt's answering machine in the mid 80's. Kattline developed a huge following back then that helped fuel local sales for Phil's cassette "Nine Lives", a local hit at the time. Katt wanted to help other local artist have success, as he did, so he debuted The Uncharted Zone on Kattline. In the early 90's Katt returned to Radio and brought The Uncharted Zone to his late night show at WXBM. The Show became the highest rated overnight show in the history of Gulf Coast FM Radio. In 1996 The Uncharted Zone came to television and was broadcast continuously for over 15 years. The show even spawned a spin-off in 2001 with The Weekly UZ Top 10 Countdown Show, a weekly countdown of viewer favorites. In 2007 The Uncharted Zone began uploading videos to YouTube. In 2009 Mark Gormley Music Videos started going wild on The Uncharted Zone's YouTube Channel. Many other UZ artist started getting a lot more views too, due to the extra attention the channel was getting worldwide. Then three National Networks contacted UZ about the videos. The G4 Network's "Attack of the Show" did a great segment on the show featuring Phil Thomas Katt & Mark Gormley. They also featured an array of other UZ Artist as well, including Ken Manning, Crystal Miller and Southern Breeze. G4's "Web Soup" did a story featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic parodying Mark Gormley. Also an MTV show called "DJ & The Fro" featured footage from UZ. Then came the bands from out of town who wanted to be on The Uncharted Zone. Included was Cruiserweight from Austin Texas, Downtown Brown from Detroit Michigan, and another great band from Detroit called The Hard Lessons. The same week UZ debuted The Hard Lessons music video, the band had another track from their CD included in the soundtrack of a Grey's Anatomy episode. In 2010 a New York Record Company commissioned Phil Thomas Katt to work his "Magic" on a Music Video for their artist, Cast Spells, Starring Saturday Night Live Alumni, Horatio Sanz.

All the National Attention caught the eye of Ketchum Inc., A public relations and marketing agency that specializes in corporate and product positioning and ranks among the largest global public relations agencies, operating in more than 50 countries. The agency contacted Phil Thomas Katt of The Uncharted Zone/UZ-Tv to produce a Music Video Sponsored by Frito-Lay's new product, Cheetos Giant. The Video features Phil Thomas Katt & Tommy Robinetti introducing the new Mark Gormley Music Video, "Sing Me Your Song". Mark is a singer/songwriter from Pensacola, FL who has grown to international fame over the past several months after UZ-Tv uploaded his music videos to YouTube. Mark Gormley's music videos have exceeded One Million Views on YouTube and he has been receiving offers to perform from around the world, including Canada, Amsterdam, and Australia but to date he's declined, opting to stay in Pensacola, write songs & make Music Videos. The video also features UZ VJ Nancy of Miami, FL whose become known as "The Gormley Girl".

Then, Publicis Modem, a global digital advertising agency network contacted Phil Thomas Katt to create a project for General Mills Fruit Gushers. Katt Productions was ask to write a song called, "Love Is A Gush" and produce a Music Video in the UZ Style with an Introduction from Phil Thomas Katt & Tommy Robinetti. Pensacola Singer Ken Manning was hired to star in the music video that required many costume changes. Ken's best known for his music video, "Gulf Breeze UFO". The Music video concept was also tweaked into an animated version released during the Beware The Gush Campaign with undersea animated versions of Phil Thomas Katt, Tommy Robinetti and Ken Manning.

UZ continues to get media attention and UZ video license request from several national networks routinely and remains a favorite music video Producer for Gulf Coast artist and a growing number of artist from across the USA and around the World.
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